I embarked on a project that emerged from my longstanding love for films. Over the years, numerous films have inspired my artistic pursuits. However, among them, none has been as paramount as La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc (1928).

Directed by the renowned Danish filmmaker Carl Theodor Dreyer from the silent movie era, The Passion of Joan of Arc has left an indelible impression on me since I first watched it. I recall being unsure of what to expect since it was my first silent movie experience. Yet, right from the opening frame, the film captivated me, and the acting prowess of Renée Jeanne Falconetti, who portrays Joan, took my breath away. Despite being almost a century old, Falconetti's acting feels contemporary and timeless.

My project, 1000°C, pays homage to this remarkable film and serves as a detailed exploration of human suffering and transcendence. Moreover, it pays tribute to Renée Jeanne Falconetti, who, in my opinion, delivered the most outstanding onscreen acting ever captured on camera.

From my perspective, The Passion of Joan of Arc also touches on themes of feminism, mental health issues, and religion. It portrays a woman fighting for her truth and rights in a world dominated by men and ultimately pays the ultimate price for it. Furthermore, it is plausible that Joan of Arc had schizophrenia, which adds another layer to the film's meaning.

For this project, I utilized 194 screenshots from The Passion of Joan of Arc, all of which feature Falconetti's face. The screenshots capture her journey from the initial interrogations to the heart-wrenching finale where she is burned alive at the stake. I then used these screenshots to create 194 handmade collages in four different sizes. The collage process was organic, with the elements gradually changing in response to Falconetti's condition throughout the film. As the movie progresses toward the end, the collage elements become increasingly somber and bleak.
Released: 2023
Material: Handmade collage