Whispers of Eden

I've been tinkering with various AI tools for a while now, primarily driven by curiosity. These collages are the outcome of those experiments. I employed Stable Diffusion to generate a series of images, all based on specific prompts I provided.

My aim was to create a narrative set in the 1950s within a small town taken over by catastrophic events. Black holes were cropping up, and earthquakes were wreaking havoc on the houses.

Once I had generated enough images, I printed them out and then proceeded to manually create the final handmade collages. Upon completing the collages, I turned to another AI application. This AI "read" the final collages and composed brief descriptions about each.

The ultimate step involved inputting those descriptions into Chat GPT-4, prompting it to craft a poem based on the descriptions: 

Once upon a distant time,
In a humble town,
the earth did climb And tremble with a frequent rhyme,
As nature's wrath caused quite a chime.

Amidst the tranquil woods nearby,
Strange shapes emerged, caught many an eye,
A place where families broke and dreams did die,
Conflicts arose, both low and high.

A town where masks hid every face,
Distortion's veil draped every trace,
Where voices fell on deafened space,
And love and warmth found no place.

The colors once bright, now faded and pale,
Only black and white, the truth's tale,
Birds clipped and set to flightless sail,
Life's essence seemed to turn frail.

As darkness creeps and swallows all,
Praising the lord, as we stumble and fall,
The black hole's pull, a cosmic call,
In this town, life stands still, a frozen ball.

- Ai generated poem based on the final handmade collages.