Short bio
Originally from Shiraz, Iran, I am a visual artist currently residing and working in Norway. With a global reach, I engage in both personal and client-based projects. My journey began during the Iran-Iraq war, where my family and I fled the country when I was just seven years old. Settling in the Netherlands, I grew up and pursued my passion for visual communication at the School of Arts in Utrecht.

For more than a decade, my artwork has explored the pervasive issue of power abuse across various contexts such as war, genocide, and politics. Alongside these themes, I have delved into metaphysical subjects such as life, death, and reality.

In recent years, my artistic focus has shifted towards examining the complex dynamics between victim and offender, with a particular emphasis on exploring these dynamics through the lens of the victim. My projects delve into topics such as sexuality, femininity, and human nature, interrogating the motivations behind harmful actions and their lasting impact on individuals and communities.

My work is driven by an overarching question: why do we do the things we do? Through my art, I seek to explore this question and to uncover answers that can deepen our understanding of the world around us.

Please find below a curated collection of my solo and group exhibitions, as well as a comprehensive list of my prominent clients and published works.


YESSR4 Flesh Garden, Casa Brandon, Buenos Aires, 2012

Beyond the bushes Vol.2, Art Sablon, Brussels, 2020
Brussels art Square, Art Sablon, Brussels, 2019
Beyond the bushes Vol.1, Art Sablon, Brussels, 2019

IWCS, Espace MASSIVart, Montreal, 2014
Post Mortem, La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa, 2013
Ashkan Honarvar Collages, La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa, 2012*
YESSR4 Flesh Garden, La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa, 2012
Kutters, Gallery La Petite Mort, Ottawa, 2011
The Infidels, Gallery La Petite Mort, Ottawa, 2010

Post Mortem | YESSR6, Santiago, 2013
YESSR4 Flesh Garden, Sala +18, Santiago, 2012

Costa Rica
IWCS, The Museum of Contemporary Art, San José, 2013

IWCS, Centro De Arte Contemporáneo De Quito, Quito, 2013

Paris Photo, rep. by Steven Kasher Gallery, Paris, 2011

The age of collage, Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg, 2019
The age of collage, Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg, 2014
The age of collage, Gestalten Space , Berlin, 2013
Cutters Edges, Gestalten Space, Berlin, 2011

Cutters, West Cork Art Centre, Cork, 2011
On the dark side NOPX Turin, 2015*
Bleeding, Diorama magazine, Otolab, Milano, 2012

The Netherlands
The winter edition, Walls Gallery, Amsterdam, 2014
The summer edition, Walls Gallery, Amsterdam, 2014
Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam, Michael Hoppen Gallery, 2013
Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam, BYT gallery, 2012
Ex Vivo Subbacultcha!, Amsterdam, 2011*
IWCS, Opperclaes, Rotterdam, 2011
Plaats Delict: Geweld, Paraplufabriek, Nijmegen, 2011
Reconstruct Roodkapje, Rotterdam, 2010*
mEATing, Perron 58, Tilburg, 2010
Generatie Y-2 ‘Doorstart’, Retort, Amsterdam, 2010
Generatie Y-2, Haarlem, 2009
Overwerk, Gallery Kunstliefe, Utrecht, 2009
Gogbot, Enschede, 2007

Kunst I Hagen, Pstereo Festival, Trondheim, 2017*
IWCS, Trondhjems Kunstforening, Trondheim, 2016

IWCS, Ma+Go, Lima, 2012

Roots & Fruits, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, 2015

IWCS, Las Raras, SME La Pasion,Valladolid, Spain, 2024
Electric Flesh Toys, Aparador 22, Girona, 2023*
IWCS, La Atomica, Valladolid, Spain, 2016
IWCS, Me & the Curiosity, Barcelona, 2016
IWCS, Galeria Mad is Mad, Madrid, 2013

Let me be your hero, Ghaya Gallery, Sidi Bou Said, 2016

The Red Forest, WePresent, Outernet, London, 2023*
IWCS, Jealous gallery, London, 2018

IWCS,Altered Logistics, DOWD Gallery, Cortland, 2023
Pure not Proper, Coagula Curatorial, LA, 2018
Sometimes I forget myself, CES Gallery, LA, 2016*
Everything is all white, Kasher – Potemkin, NY, 2015
Invisible lines CES Contemporary, LA, 2014*
When it is dark enough, CES Gallery, LA, 2014
Gilded forest, Kasher – Potemkin , NY, 2014
Remix: Selections from the ICC, Bates College Museum of Art, 2014
IWCS, The Invisible Dog Art Centre, NY, 2014
Burst, CES Contemporary, LA, 2014
The Crust, CES Contemporary, Laguna Beach, 2013*
Remix: Selections from the ICC, Katonah Museum of Art, NY, 2013
Future Tense, CES Contemporary, Laguna Beach, 2013
ArtPad SF, CES Contemporary Gallery, SF, 2013
Pulse New York, Steven Kasher Gallery, NY, 2013
Medley, Chicago Urban Art Society, Chicago, 2013
Scope New York, CES Contemporary Gallery, NY, 2013
The Vital Illusion, Vertigo Gallery Denver, 2013
Clique, CES Contemporary, Laguna Beach, 2012
Continue To Continue, CES Contemporary, Laguna Beach, 2012
Remix: Selections ICC, Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, 2012
All that remains, Ugly art room, NY, 2011
Remix: Selections from the ICS, Samek Art Gallery, 2011

*Solo Exhibition



Black Label 2, Poland, 2020

Collage: Make the impossible possible, China, 2018
Mix & Match, China, 2017
The age of collage 2, Germany, 2016
Magic Paintbrush By Illustration, China, 2015
Super-Modiefied The Behance book of creative work, Germany, 2015
Collage illustrations cut & paste, Spain, 2013
The Age of Collage Contemporary Collage in Modern Art, Germany, 2013
Cut & Paste, UK, 2011
Doppelganger Images of the Human Being, Germany, 2011
Cutting Edges Contemporary Collage, Germany, 2011


The Wax paper, USA,2021
Adressa Newspaper 17.08 Norway, 2017
Ad Utrechtse Nieuwsblad 20/6, The Netherlands, 2012

Laud Magazine #10 Alchemy, Australia, 2019
Lodown #99 Problems, Germany, 2016
The laboratory arts collective, Desire, USA , 2016
Altro #12, Italy, 2015
NoTofu The bad issue, USA, 2015
Eye magazine # 22, Taiwan, 2015
F5 Trend book #14, Poland, 2015
Public Art #100, Korea, 2015
Musee Magazine # 10, USA, 2014
Opperclaes Newspaper, The Netherlands, 2014
Old Tat # 01, UK, 2014
Interview # April, USA, 2014
The Weird Press # 2, Spain, 2014
Bad Acne, Australia, 2014
PM Perspektive #1, Germany, 2014
Unseen Photo Fair, The Netherlands, 2013
Secret Behavior #1, USA, 2013
Mékanik copulaire #5, France, 2013

Doze magazine Sleepers issue, Spain, 2013
Doze magazine Creep issue, Spain, 2013
Nasty magazine The lovers issue, Italy, 2013
Ozon # 4 The shelter issue, Greece, 2013
Twill # 15, France, 2013
Fixe Magazine vol 1 # 2, UK, 2013
Remix: Selections from the International Collage Center, USA, 2012
Glam Cult # dec, The Netherlands, 2012
DMAG # 26, Argentina, 2012
AXN: Cult magazine #1, Australia, 2012
Nido # 9, Germany 2012
Viewpoint # 30, The Netherlands, 2012
Vdoh #3, Ukraine, 2012
mékanik copulaire #4, France, 2012
Idn #19/2, China, 2012
Diorama Mag #2, Italie, 2012
Talk Magazine #22, Iran, 2012
Public Art #67, Korea, 2012
Vision Magazine Jan-Feb, China, 2012
De Helling #4, The Netherlands, 2012
AT Magazine, Israel, 2012