Auch das Schöne muss sterben

Auch das Schöne muss sterben ( Even the beautiful shall perish).
"Behold the fleeting nature of beauty - Even the exquisite shall succumb to demise."

This project delves into the intricate themes of beauty, life, and death, and draws inspiration from the celebrated adult performer, Charlotte Sartre. The project's title draws from a poignant funeral poem by the renowned writer, Friedrich Schiller.

Even the beautiful must perish! That which overcomes gods and men
Moves not the armored heart of the Stygian
Only once did love come to soften the Lord of the Shadows,
And just at the threshold he sternly took back his gift.
Neither can Aphrodite heal the wounds of the beautiful youth
That the boar had savagely torn in his delicate body.
Nor can the deathless mother rescue the divine hero
When, at the Scaean gate now falling, he fulfills his fate.
But she ascends from the sea with all the daughters of Nereus,
And she raises a plaint here for her glorious son.
Behold! The gods weep, all the goddesses weep,
That the beautiful perishes, that the most perfect passes away.
But a lament on the lips of loved ones is glorious,
For the ignoble goes down to Orcus in silence.

- Nanie, Auch das chone muss sterben, Friedrich Schiller, 1881
Released: 2017
Material: Handmade collage