Barnard´s star

Barnard's star, a red dwarf star positioned approximately 5.98 light years away from Earth, has gained significance and recognition throughout the astronomical community since its rediscovery and naming by the renowned astronomer E.E. Barnard in 1916, during the height of World War I. However, the profundity of this discovery is not solely confined to its historical context. Rather, it encapsulates a poignant and elegiac quality that extends beyond the realm of astrophysics.

Indeed, there is a distinct poignancy to the rediscovery of Barnard's star that speaks to the human experience in ways that transcend temporal and spatial boundaries. It provides us with a humbling reminder of the fragility of life and the devastation of war, while simultaneously illuminating the infinitude of the universe and our relative insignificance within it. It is a discovery that forces us to confront the stark realities of existence, and yet, it also serves as a source of awe and wonder at the incomprehensible vastness of the cosmos.

This project is from 2016. Six years earlier I created my very first project titled Faces where I used the same source material. That project was about facial disfigurement and identity.
Released: 2010-2016
Material: Handmade collage (Some earlier Faces projects were made digitally)