The photographs used in this project have a dark history, originating from the S-21 prison in Cambodia. This prison was a notorious site where the Khmer Rouge regime interrogated, tortured, and executed countless prisoners between 1975 and 1979, during Pol Pot's reign. The prison, formerly a school, was repurposed by the Khmer Rouge and turned into a center for interrogation and torture, where prisoners were subjected to brutal and inhumane treatment.

During the Khmer Rouge's reign, S-21 was one of the most infamous prisons in Cambodia. Its purpose was to extract confessions from individuals who were believed to be threats to the regime. The Khmer Rouge's tactics were brutal, and prisoners were subjected to electric shocks, waterboarding, and other forms of torture until they gave false confessions. The prison was also known for its execution of prisoners, which was carried out in secret, with many prisoners never leaving the prison alive.

Today, the S-21 prison has been converted into a museum to serve as a reminder of the atrocities committed during the Khmer Rouge regime. The photographs used in this project are a chilling reminder of the horrors that took place in this prison, and they provide a glimpse into the lives of the prisoners who suffered there. Despite the passage of time, the impact of the Khmer Rouge regime and the legacy of S-21 continue to be felt in Cambodia, and these photographs serve as a poignant reminder of this dark period in the country's history.
Released: 2016
Material: Handmade collage