The Dream

The Dream is a collaborative project between myself, and photographer Danil Glovkin for Eclectic Society Magazine. Drawing inspiration from Henri Rousseau's iconic surrealist painting 'The Dream', we aimed to create a visually stimulating and thought-provoking piece that explores the boundaries of art and fashion.

Our focus was to capture the surrealistic essence of Rousseau's work, incorporating dark backgrounds, unconventional vegetation, and distorted animal parts that challenge the viewer's perceptions of reality. The project aims to convey a sense of wonder and invite viewers to explore new perspectives on art and creativity.

The use of symbolism and open interpretation in our designs is an integral part of our artistic vision, and we hope that the project will inspire others to push boundaries and embrace unconventional approaches to art and fashion.
Released: 2014
Material: Handmade collage
Client: Eclectic Society Magazine