I had the pleasure of collaborating with Wolfgang Joop for his esteemed German fashion label, 'Wunderkind,' on a stunning fashion line. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Janis Joplin's poignant words, "Freedom is just another word for nothing else to lose," we crafted a Spring-Summer collection that embodied a spirit of liberation and vivacity.

My primary objective was to craft evocative imagery that exuded an aura of unbridled freedom, exuberant hues, and a certain captivating spark that seamlessly complemented the Wunderkind brand and the iconic Joplin quote. Our collective effort paid homage to a bygone era when the concept of 'freedom' held a distinct meaning, and we are thrilled to share our vision with the world.
Released: 2014
Material: Handmade collage
Client: Wunderkind