Zła uczennica

This project entailed a collaborative effort with the talented Polish photographer, Magdalena Franczuk, with a central focus on the themes of Lolita and the transition to adulthood. The project is aptly titled 'Zła uczennica,' which translates to 'the bad schoolgirl' in the Polish language.

She was sitting at her desk, trying to do her biology homework. Something, however, prevented her from focusing. She tilted her head back and began to look at all the scratches and cracks on the ceiling. She narrowed her eyes to give an abstract shape to the map these lines make. The end of her fountain pen unwittingly wandered toward the open lips and gently dipped into a warm breath. The girl did not even notice when a single drop of ink dripped from the nib straight onto an unwritten piece of paper.

- Magdalena Franczuk
Released: 2014
Material: Handmade collage
Collaboration: Magdalena Franczuk